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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here are the leprechaun drawings students made on Friday! 

We had a great field trip to the VanAndel Science Institute on Tuesday.  The students worked hard as engineers! They learned the engineering process:  Discovering a problem, learning what they need to know in order to solve the problem, designing a solution, and making improvements to their solution in order to make their solution the best it can be!  We had to find a way that flowers can be pollinated in the event that bees become extinct! Students used various materials to engineer a pollinator that could transfer pollen from the flower to another location. Our "pollen" was baking soda. Enjoy the photos below!  You can watch the students expressions change as the scientist turns up the power on the "shake table" to test the marshmallow models students built. This was a highlight of the day I think!  (V…
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Upcoming Dates!

Here are some fun events and upcoming dates to mark on your calendar.


Wednesday, March 20th we will have our annual SkyWriters Assembly featuring student writing from DES students! Friday, March 22nd we will attend the Children's Film Festival at the SCA. So this will be a quick field trip and back in plenty of time for lunch, no chaperones needed. 
Coming SOON (Mark your calendar):

Spring Break: No School March 29th through April 7th. School resumes Monday, April 8th.No school April 26th!


Help support the 5th grade by purchasing handmade crafts and treats this Friday, December 14th! The sale will take place in the upper elementary hallway immediately following lunch. Items will be priced between 25 cents to $2.00. All profits earned will be used to help fund field trips. Thank you for your support!


I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

First a note from Mrs. Scholten who coordinates the Giving Tree (outside the office):
With today being giving Tuesday, I wanted to thank everyone who has supported the Christian Neighbors Christmas Project and the Giving Tree, by giving gifts to the tree.   For those of you that do not know, these gifts will be brought back to CN next week, so that parents can actually "shop" for their children before Christmas.  I like this idea because parents know their children best, and can truly choose something they know their child would like for Christmas vs. a random gift.
As  a reminder, please note that all gifts are due to the Giving Tree on/before next week Monday, Dec. 3rd.
*The remainder of December will be a non-perishable food and essentials drive.  So if you didn't get a chance to give, there is still time.
Thanks again for your generous support.

The book orders are due tomorrow. I will send out another one this week for December, be…

Book Show and Tell

This Friday our class will have a book sharing day. Students have been so excited to show their favorite books from home. We started off showcasing the books and reading a page or so of many of them. Some students even read to the class. While I find this a fun and worthwhile activity, it is taking up a lot of curriculum time. We had 8 students bring books from home to share today! (What a problem to have, right?!) LOL! So the solution is that we are going to take a few minutes this Friday to have a Book Show and Tell. It might be a good idea to write your family name on it or inside the cover just incase. After book sharing day it would be a good idea to keep most of the books at home. If students are really interesting in bringing a book they may keep it in their desk for times when they finish work early.

Thanks and Happy Reading!

Halloween and Update

It is almost that time of year already! If you are interested in helping with our Halloween party, please follow the link below. Thank you in advance for your help!

Halloween day we will participate in our annual parade through the classrooms and parent viewing is in the gym where TK / K students will be stationed to watch the parade as well. No blood/ gore or weapons are allowed with costumes. Please have your child bring the costume in a bag on Halloween day, we will get ready in the afternoon. Also, if there are parts that you are afraid of losing prior to Trick-Or-Treat they may be left at home. I can't wait to see all of the kids in costume!

Friday is School Store. Students may shop at the School Store after they eat their lunch.

We have finished reading Fantastic Mr. Fox, by Roald Dahl. This week we will be watching the movie in order to compare and contrast it with the book. We will also write opinion pieces about whic…